Dryer Vent Cleaning

What to know:

Our Cleaning involves vacuuming the entire vent back opening, covers of the unit, the rotary drum (interior) and underneath the machine.  Also including all areas around the dryer & laundry room (where lint might be present).  Lint gets trapped from the bottom of the unit all the way up throw the duct to the vent exhaust on the roof or the side of the house.  We use a high speed brush system with high velocity air movement to dislodge any lint materials obstructing air flow and heat displacement.


Why you should clean now:

There’s a hidden fire hazard in every home.  It’s the dryer vent.  The U.S. Products Safety Commission estimates there are 15,000 dryer fires every year resulting in numerous deaths & injuries. Fires occur when lint builds up in the dryer itself or in the exhaust duct.  Lint can block the flow of air causing excessive heat to build up with can result in a fire starting.

If you’re experiencing long dry times, running the unit more than 1 to 2 cycles (drying the same wet clothes), “STOP”!  Chances are it’s not just the lint screen that needs cleaning, it’s the whole Dryer Vent System.  Don’t wait!  This is an emergency (unplug the machine).  Call us fast before anyone else tries to use the unit.

Ways to Save Energy and Increase your Dryer's LIFE TIME

Per-Cautions you should take:

  • Dryer fires start when lint is not removed from the machine often enough.
  • Remove dangerous lint from the lint screen in-between drying cycles (more often).
  • Cut down on the amount of clothes per full cycle
  • Reduce dry times to check machines functionality more often
  • Keep the dryer exhaust clean and working efficiently
  • Reduce the heat settings.  It saves wear and tear on clothing and the machine’s heating element.
  • Clean the dry vent entirely once every 6 to 12 months by a professional
  • Check your insurance policy to verify the home’s protective coverage and how often professional cleaning services must be performed, not only on the machine but the home’s entire dryer vent system.  So, your home’s warranty will be in good standing, when or if a claim needs to be filed.
  • Give us a call to set this important cleaning date and free evaluation.  We guarantee the right procedure for your type of machine and dryer vent system.  Click our number above or below now.


813-971-9274 | Amazingly Clean, Inc.

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High Speed Brushing (from roof down).


Brush & high power blower (bottom to top)


Fires reported from Dryer Vent sparks are high; (our captured image)

813-971-9274 | Amazingly Clean, Inc.

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