VCT Strip & Waxing / Sealing

VCT Strip & Waxing / Sealing

What is VCT?  Well some call it Vinyl Composite Tile while others call it a “money stripper” in the commercial world.  Why? Because it’s needing maintenance constantly so that’s where we come in.  The process for restoring it is somewhat long, involved, time consuming, costly and not even attempted by some staffed janitors in their facilities.  We have the proper equipment to not only strip / re-coat thousands of square feet, but do it before the store opens next business day.  When you hire us, we can move the items, strip the old finish, provide the new urethane coatings and make it shine!  We can even maintain your amazing high gloss shine with our complete Janitorial Services.  What was once that old scratched, yellow, dirty, rusted, mildewed and sometimes oily VCT floor now shows like a work of art you would have to see to believe!  Check out our successes by viewing the photo gallery, testimonials on-line or ask us for letters of recommendations from our vendors.  You will be able find out why they keep calling us back year after year.  So, what are you waiting for?  Let us get to work for you so we can “amazing you”.

``Our Recipe`` for Restorative Refinishing Process involves

Step 1:

Dry Clean Areas: Sweep or dust mop areas. Remove all floor items
(All equipment used to provide service included in costs)

Step 2:

Apply Chemicals: Mix Floor Stripper Emulsifier Plus 2/3pts mix ratio of warm water. Apply with mop or brush. Allow to sit on floor for 3-5min machine agitation

Step 3:

Stripping Old Finish: Scrub with Low Speed Machine using black pads. Always scrub on-to floor stripper avoiding standing on parts that has not be
scrubbed (reducing slipping hazards and streaks). Doing small 20*20 areas
so product does not dry on floor. Baseboards, corners and edges
are done by hand with scrub aid tools or razor blade removal.

Step 4:

Apply New Finish: With clean applicator apply high gloss 25% solids commercial Urethane Finish product.

Step 5:

Re-coats with dry time of 45 minutes between coats.
(25% Solids Floor Finnish Products included in cost)

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